Would you protect your children from strangers by gunpoint?

Even after deciding to give up, the Josephine County's wrath continues with it's deepest wound yet!

During all the small court battles that year, Brian and Ruth were hesitant to trust public defenders. They had been contacted by many other families that had been through the same experience and it was well known that attorneys paid by the same agency as the CPS were of little if not an adversary to those fighting the system for their children. Edgar Steele, their current pro-bono representation assistant now claims that yes, the Christine's made all the wrong choices in how to fight this battle with the government that was bigger than themselves.
The Christine's chose to represent themselves in court, believing whole heartedly that an honest judge would immediately see the obvious truth. The Christine's were niave and believed that most people are honest and good at heart and that the truth always wins out in the end. Brian painstakingly filed his own affidavids and petitions. Though heartwrenching to average peers, the judges has little sympathy and as the CPS grew more angry with the Christine couple for their valant (but fruitless) fight, they manufactured further evidence and stone walled the Christine's in court at every turn.
Finally half way into the game the Christine couple reluctantly agreed to fall for the blackmailed technics that the state asked for them to follow. Anger managment classes, government parent classes, children enrolled in the public school system and other 'requirement' by the CPS. They were about to agree to all the CPS stipulations just to get their much loved children home. Isn't this what the State wanted all along? Control?
It was too late. The Christine's had pissed off Josephine County so much by fighting them for their kids that when they finally decided to give up they were then informed their children were going to become wards of the state anyway. Brian and Ruth Christine were notified that their parental rights were about to be terminated regardless!
Note that even though their parental rights were now being terminated there still had yet to be proven and any conviction of any substantiated child abuse. These children were a token of Josephine County and merely a badge of their power to all else who might dare cross their path.

At their 'last' suprovised visit 'forever', the desperate couple did the un-thinkable, or did they?
I wouldn't believe that true child abusers would fight so desperately for children they must hate. Brian and Ruth Christine now proclaimed by Josephine County with their media coherts as dangerous parents, decide the only way they will ever be able to be with their children and be a family again is to take them back from the people who broke up their family to begin with.

On August 2, 2001, Brian and Ruth Christine took back their three girls from a social worker (on their last visit before the children would be permamently taken from them)'allegedly' by gun point. The entire family, together again, drove off in a white, suburban like vehicle, not to be seen for....

I hear the children had happy smiles on their faces as the car drove away. Once again with Mommy and Daddy who loved them dearly! Loved them enough to fight till the end to reunite them. Loved them enough to defy law and rely on the strong parental instinct that ties us to our children we give birth to.

Only a three day reprieve for the Christine family, but precious moments none the less!
For three days the Christine family supporters crossed there fingers and prayed. I think we all knew the inevitable, that they would be found and caught. I prayed for the family to enjoy the possibly limited time they would have together. That it would be memorable to the children, that they might not forget their parents in the future and some day rise up against the system that ripped them apart from the parents they loved so dearly. I prayed that Brian and Ruth Christine would love and hug their little girls entirely too much, to make up for all the lost time they had missed and for future lost moments to come.
On August 6, 2001 the family was discovered in Missoula, Montana. Once again Bethany, Lydia, and Mariam were subjected to see their parents arrested again and hauled away in police vehicles. I often wonder what their idea of law enforcement will be in there growing years. Some one you seek out if you get lost in a grocery store? Some one you call if your in trouble?
The Christine girls were hauled back to foster homes in Oregon while their parents were left behind in Montana Jail houses awaiting to fight extridition back to Oregon to stand trial for Kidnapping, Custody interference, using a fire arm in the commision of a crime, and other charges. No mercy from the Josephine County DA.
Meanwhile Ruth is now 8 months pregnant with her fifth child, another little girl! Who will steal that child???

Brian and Ruth Christine at just one of their many court appearences. The horns and fangs must have been removed from the photo before I got a hold of it, after all they aren't they evil child abusers and anti-American?

If you were in your home and one night strangers came in with guns and threatened to harm and take your children from you, what would you do? Would you use a weopon to protect your family and wisk them off to safety? Just something to think about.

It hit the news! A Grant's Pass couple kidnapped their children at gunpoint and fled the area. Brian and Ruth Christine, you know the Eagle Scout, Promise Keeper, Peaceful father, and the woman that taught her children English in Nepal; are armed and dangerous criminals. Help their children escape their own parents captivity and respond to an all points bulliten for these hardened criminals.
Then came out the CPS reports as they did interviews with the news media proclaiming how awful the Christine couple was to their children. Some of these were 'new' suspicous charges, but none of the CPS claims had been validated.
The CPS told the world that when these children were taken a year prior they were dehydrated, small for their age (starved nearly to death!), and what was a small bruise on Bethany's forehead was now a 3 inch skull fracture (not found in the initail x-ray and examination performed by CPS). The CPS called for all people to save these children from their parents and report any suspicious vehicles or sightings of the family.
I knew their had to me more to the story, knowing how Oregon CPS worked. Fortunately the news station I was watching fairly reported that their was another side of the story and listed the www.governmentchildtheft.com website.
After sharing this website with respectable family members we were all ashamed of this government agency. We cried and prayed for the family, their safety, and hopefully a clean get away. I can say that I wished I could have taken the family in and risked my own well being to help them.

Too update this, the website for the Christine's, by the Christine's explaining their entire story from their point of view has vanished off the internet. No explanation. On other sites where there were message boards and threads about the Christine's and their defense, those threads have mysteriously disappeared. And most uniquely of all, later in this game, after NBC Dateline set up interviews, suddenly a block was placed on the phone of Edgar Steele, their pro-bono Attorney. There are larger things at play here people...at risk of sounding paranoid, looks like a massive cover-up! More information to follow on this subject.